Q: "How can I book an appointment with you?"

A: The ONLY way to book an appointment is by emailing me the following info:
(you can send it to info@madebyemmy.com ,
or you can fill out the tattoo request form on this website)
-Phone number.
-Place you have to travel from.
-Detailed description of the tattoo you desire.
-The area you'd like the tattoo to end up on.
-Black and grey or colored.
-Pictures of the style you prefer.
-Any other information you think I might need.
We will review this email and inform you about the possibilities with the design and my schedule.
It may occur that I'm not sure when we would be able to start your project,
due to the amount of requests I'm handling at the time, so please be patient.
I'm reviewing every request bi-weekly and I'll do what I can to make it work.
When an agreement is in order, you will be asked to drop by the studio for a deposit.
This way we can make sure we keep these dates settled for you and noone else.

Q: "Where are you working at the moment?"

A: I am currently working at Acid Tattoo in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.
My available days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Q: "Can I wire-transfer the deposit to you or the Studio?"

A: No you cannot, unless asked otherwise if you have to travel over a certain amount of time.
Sometimes we have clients coming in from other countries
and we understand it's difficult to 'just drop by',
but unfortunately if you live within the Netherlands,
traveling from one place to another isn't that far of a distance if you compare it to bigger countries.
Sure, there are always exceptions, but this will be taken into consideration
once we're reviewing your emailed project(s).
The reason you cannot wire-transfer it is because the deposit will be merged
with the total cost of the tattoo, once your tattoo is finished.
Your tattoo could take one session or multiple,
either way your deposit will remain in your possession (at the Studio)
until your tattoo has been completed.

Q: "Could I drop by the Studio to book an appointment?

A: You're welcome to drop by, but you will be told to send us an email.
This is not to be rude, arrogant or unfriendly, but to ensure I can spend the entire session
with the client that is being tattooed.
I'd like to keep my mind on their project, instead of a new one.
This is why I'll look over the new emailed projects after working hours.
Once you've been asked to come by to drop off your deposit,
it does not specifically have to be on a day that I am working.
Sure I'd come say hi, but I will not discuss your project yet,
nor have I sketched out anything yet.
You can come by any day of the week, we are open 7 days a week.
If you happen to drop by for the deposit before we ask you to by email or phone call,
I'm very sorry, but your project has not been reviewed yet
and we cannot book an appointment.

Q: "Do you have a waiting list?"

A: No I do not really have a waiting list. I have a list of projects.
Tattoos take a certain amount of time/sessions.
Once I've finished a project, I have time to start a new one.
This way you don't have to wait for months in between sessions
if you have to reschedule for instance.

Q: "Do you ever read your Facebook messages?"

A: Yes and No.
-Yes I read all your comments, I might even reply to some of them,
and of course I appreciate all your insights.
-No, I do not reply to private messages regarding getting tattooed.
I would like to keep detailed information about projects/clients all in one place,
which is the email address stated in the first question of this list.
Sometimes information gets lost and this way I don't have to think about
where I received the message, because it's all in one spot.

Q: "Do you get to pick your clients?" aka "Do you reject certain projects?"

A: Yes and No.
-Yes I review every request, I evaluate them and think about
the amount of sessions I might need.
I handle every request with care, no project is treated the same.
-Clients however, are treated the same way. No one gets special treatment.
Some people need more info, sometimes I need more info from you,
but in the end all we're looking for is an agreement about the best way to treat your design.
If an agreement is not met, the best option is to part ways,
simply because there are tons if other good artists around who can meet your vision,
or there are other people waiting for me to respond to their request.
Everyone gets a chance and everyone deserves to get the tattoo they want.

Q: "Can anyone get an appointment?"

A: Yes, unless we fail to agree on the design, as stated in the question above.

Q: "Is there stuff you do not tattoo?"

A: Yes, for instance, I absolutely refuse to tattoo an exact copy
of my or someone else's tattoo.
In my opinion, the artist or person wearing the original tattoo might see it
as either a compliment or an insult.
I do not want to take the gamble they might not see it as a compliment,
so the least thing I can offer you is to change it enough
to be complimenting the original design.

Q: "I've seen a copy of your original design elsewhere! Should I tell them?"

A: Not yet! Please let me know where you've seen it,
so I can ask them about their point of view on copying someone else's work.
They might take the photo offline before I've even figured out the how and why.
So please let me know first!

Q: "Do you only tattoo in black and grey realistic style?"

A: No, I actually love to tattoo in color!
Due to the amount of black & grey tattoo photos that are circulating the internet,
I only get black & grey tattoo requests.
So no, I do not just tattoo black & grey OR just realistic tattoos.
I love to change things up every once in a while, it's a matter of trust,
which I realise is a big thing to ask, and I appreciate everyone that does so.

Q: "Do you do cover-ups?"

A: "Yes, but it depends on the design you would like to cover
your old tattoo with, if it is even possible.
In some occasions you might have to get your old tattoo lightened by lasering it a couple times.
Best way to acquire information about the possibilities of covering your old tattoo
is by emailing us the information as stated in the first question.

Q: "Could you draw something for me before I decide if I want to make an appointment?"

A: NO. Simply because I myself and a lot of other artists
do not have the time to draw everything in detail.
Some prefer to draw everything, but not me.
Once you have been invited to come by the Studio for further information and a deposit,
I will proceed to sketch something for you, not a detailed drawing,
just a simple sketch as a guideline for us both.
If you would like to anything changed in the design,
we can discuss the ideas on the first day of your appointment,
and I would be happy to change the design accordingly.

Have any more burning questions for me?

Please email me (info@madebyemmy.com) or use the contact form on this website!

Emmy van de Giessen